$EGG, more than just a Meme.

🥚$EGG is the only currency older than Gold 🪙.

Multi-Chain Legacy from Ethereum and Beyond

$EGG is multi-chain and equipped with a lot of surprises hidden under the shell. 

What is so special about $EGG...

The birth of EGG as a currency

Around 6000 B.C., in Southeast Asia, a remarkable transformation was underway. Humans were not only domesticating jungle fowl for their meat but also for their eggs.

This marked the beginning of a new era as eggs became a currency of sustenance, providing not just nourishment but also a form of trade and exchange in ancient civilizations.

EGG's Ancient Roots

Fast forward to 1400 B.C., and we find eggs firmly established in the diets of Ancient Egyptians and Chinese. These civilizations were pioneers in the art of artificial incubation, enabling them to hatch eggs without the need for a hen.

EGG, both as food and currency, played a crucial role in shaping early economies and trade practices.

The Roman Empire's Love for Eggs

In the grandeur of the Roman Empire, eggs held a special place. Not only were they cherished for their culinary delights, with recipes for boiled eggs and omelets, but they also took on symbolic importance.

EGG, a currency of abundance and fertility, was a centerpiece in festivals and celebrations, reflecting its dual role as both sustenance and a form of wealth.

The Legend of Christopher Columbus

The story goes that during a heated debate, Columbus was challenged to make an egg stand upright on its end. After several failed attempts by others, he took the egg, gently cracked its bottom, and placed it upright, showcasing his creativity and determination.

This simple act symbolized the discovery of a new world and served as a reminder that sometimes, innovation requires a different perspective.

EGG's Precious Heritage

In more recent history, EGG took on a new form of extravagance with the creation of Fabergé eggs in 1885. These exquisite works of art, encrusted with precious metals and gemstones, represented not just luxury but also craftsmanship.

Each Fabergé egg held a surprise inside, akin to the surprises that EGG, as a currency and food, has brought throughout history.

EGG's Triumph in the Digital Age

In the digital age, EGG achieved a milestone that reverberated across social media. In 2019, it became the most-liked image on Instagram, surpassing the likes of renowned celebrity Kylie Jenner.

This event showcased EGG‘s power to unite people online, transcending traditional boundaries and underlining its role as a symbol of viral fame.

$EGG's Rise to Memecoin Supremacy

Imagine a future where $EGG, the beloved memecoin, takes center stage on every blockchain. In this remarkable journey, $EGG becomes the top memecoin on each chain, uniting people worldwide with humor and laughter.

It’s a story of $EGG‘s incredible ascent, driven by a passionate community, as it conquers the crypto world one chain at a time, spreading joy and memes across the digital galaxy.

EGG is the whole universe...

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... and a source of food for the whole world!

  • Eggs are a rich source of high-quality protein, containing all nine essential amino acids necessary for human health.
  • Compared to other sources of animal protein, eggs are relatively inexpensive and accessible to people of varying income levels around the world, contributing to their status as a staple food item.
  • Eggs can be prepared in numerous ways (boiled, fried, scrambled, poached, etc.) and are used in a vast array of dishes, from breakfasts to desserts, making them a highly versatile ingredient in global cuisines.
  • The production and sale of eggs provide a livelihood for millions of people worldwide, including smallholder farmers and large-scale agricultural businesses.

but wait...

Egg boxes in stores don't tell the whole story...

The truth about Eggs is being censored!!!

Chickens are kept in very small cages, never going outside...

Little boy chicks are killed right away...

Chickens' beaks are cut without pain relief...

They live on hard wire floors that hurt them...

The air they breathe is filled with bad smells from waste..

After laying eggs for a short life, chickens are killed!


It doesn't have to be this way!!!

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